Surprise Guests? Need Snacks? Not A Problem If You Have These Three Ingredients

If you’ve ever suddenly had to host people in your home, you know it can be frazzling to whip up snacks and beverages for everyone. Or…maybe you’re just really hungry and looking for a quick bite that doesn’t require much. Either way, you need a fast recipe. Luckily, Megan Porta, the genius behind Pip & Ebby, has one that everyone will love.

The process is very simple, and very fast.


You only need sliced corned beef (two per roll-up), cream cheese, and small dill pickles. Spread some cream cheese on the corned beef, and lay a pickle on top.

Roll everything together.


Now slice those bad boys into bite-size pieces, and serve!


Think of them as sandwich ingredients, but without the bread. No carbs, right?

4These are good snacks to serve for casual lunches, game days, or movie nights. You can also feel free to experiment with different kinds of meats and cheeses, or different flavored pickles. A spicy pickle would be a great treat for people who like their snacks to have a little kick!

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