Turn Two Boxes Of Cake Mix Into An American Flag!

With the Fourth of July right around the corner it’s time to decide what you’ll be serving for dessert!

Whether you’re going to the beach, hosting a barbecue or celebrating with your family, this flag cake is sure to put a smile on the faces of those that eat it!

Zainab from blahnik baker put making this cake off for years because she thought it would be difficult.

Truth be told, it was a breeze!


One slice into this cake and your family will be in awe at what awaits them inside!


To make the flag cake you will need two boxes of vanilla cake mix and 8’’ or 9’’ round cake pans. Use one whole box of cake mix and red dye to create two round red cakes and use the other box of cake mix to make one blue and one white round. Slice the red and white cakes horizontally so you get two layers from each cake.

Start with one of your red layers and frost the top, add a white layer and frost that, add one more red layer and that will be the base of your flag! Slice a 4’’ round out of the center of your blue cake and place the ring on top of your flag cake base. Use the remaining white and red layers and cut a 4’’ round out of the center of them as well. Place the red and white small rounds in the center of the blue ring. Now that you’re flag has been assembled it’s time to frost the whole thing!

cFrom the outside it looks like a normal vanilla cake but the inside is spectacular! Give this cake a try for your Fourth of July weekend and let us know how it goes! Don’t forget to SHARE the love and pass it on!