Vanilla Slice Cake

Vanilla Slice Cake
Vanilla Slice Cake

I can’t even been to describe how delicious this fluffy slice of heaven is! It’s something that you have to try for yourself!


Puff Pastry -2 Sheets approximately 25cm x 25cm that’s ready rolled frozen puff pastry
Caster Sugar -1/2 cup
Custard Powder-1/2 cup
Cream -about ½ a cup
Milk – approximately about 1and ½ cups
Vanilla Essence- 1 teaspoon
Butter- about 25gms
Icing Sugar-1 and ½ cup


1. Begin by preheating the oven to about 210 deg Celsius and lining the tray with baking paper and the puff pastries (one pastry on each tray).

2. You can bake these for about 10-15 minutes, but before you bake make sure you have pricked them with a fork.

3. Combine custard powder, sugar and cream over medium heat, gradually adding milk and vanilla.

4. Meanwhile cut the pastry to the size of a brownie pan and layer the custard and then another pastry over this.

5. The icing can be made by adding butter and icing sugar with adequate hot water to make thin to medium textured icing.

6. Refrigerate this and you’re Vanilla Slice are ready.


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